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List of different seminar topics in mechanical engineering - Cryogenics

Followings are the different seminar topics in mechanical engineering which are mainly related to cryogenics. Cryogenics is a branch of science/engineering which deals with production of very low temperature below -150 degree C ( or 123 K). These topics are associated with production, storage and maitenance related to cryogenics engineering.

  • Cryogenics insulation
  • Vacuum as cryogenics insulation
  • Liquefaction of permanent gases
  • Applications of cryogenics
  • Medical application of cryogenics
  • Physics applications of cryogenic
  • Space applications of cryogenics
  • Cryocoolers and its types
  • Stirling cryocoolers
  • GM cryocooler
  • Pulse tube cryocoolers
  • Instrumentation and Measurement in cryogenics
  • Storage and transportation in cryogenics
To start with any of the above seminar topic, one need to first give its introduction, methodology or description and construction, working procedure, observation or specifications of different parameters and applications if any.

Online Mechanical Quiz-GPSC Assistant Professor 2015-16

This online quiz consists of some selected multiple choice questions from GPSC Entrance exam for Assistant professor Mechanical Engineering (Year 2015-16).

Appear for the quiz and get your score instantly.

Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering

The knowledge of different useful software in mechanical engineering is a great quality and can be helpful to get required things done easy. Because software are tools which are used by engineer to get things done. Below are the important and essential software which should be learnt during bachelor course in mechanical engineering. It might possible that some well known software might not be in the list but can be learnt very easily if you know the following software which are basics.

1. AutoCAD ( A basic CAD software for design and drafting purpose)
2. Pro/Engineer ( A complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)
3. C Language (A programming language)
4. ANSYS ( An analysis or simulation software)

How to choose Final Year Projects Topics in Mechanical Engineering

Project sometimes decide student's specialization area in higher study or job. Project gives student to work in group, so one can learn how to lead the team, learn what is team work and what is the importance of collective efforts in any problem or project. You will get a chance to revise your complete syllabus during the project work and this will help in your GATE examinations.

We frequently stuck and do not know what should be the project topic and how it will be helpful in future. 

One need to choose the project topic based on the following points

Personal interest in subject: You cannot do well in your project work if you are not enjoying it and one can only enjoy the work when he/she has interest in it. So, carefully decide the area of your project work i.e.