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Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering

The knowledge of different useful software in mechanical engineering is a great quality and can be helpful to get required things done easily. Because software is tool which is used by an engineer to get things done. Below are the important and essential software which should be learned during bachelor course in mechanical engineering. It might possible that some well-known software might not be in the list but can be learned very easily if you know the following software which is basics.

1. AutoCAD ( A basic CAD software for design and drafting purpose)
2. Pro/Engineer ( A complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)
3. C Language (A programming language)
4. ANSYS ( An analysis or simulation software)

GATE Mechanical Engineering Preparation and free study material

Normally GATE exam consists of those questions which are mostly related to research to be done at Master Level i.e. M.Tech or M. E. level. So, It is very necessary to get ready for preparation of those subjects on which complete M. Tech or M. E. is based. In case of Mechanical Engineering, One should prepare the following most important subjects.

1. Mechanics of Solids or (Engineering Mechanics + Strength of Materials) which is base for any motion and design related research.

2. Thermal engineering which includes Fluid Mechanics which is most important subject for thermal engineering specialization in M. Tech or M. E. Second is thermodynamics, Heat and mass transfer and Refrigeration and Air conditioning. One can find numerous application of fluid mechanics like fountains, fire brigade works, hydro-power station and many more.

Why cooling capacity unit of domestic refrigerator and Air Conditioner (AC) is different?

Have you ever wondered, Why capacity of the domestic refrigerator and Air Conditioner (AC) is different though both are refrigeration system? What is the basic difference between them with respect to the cooling capacity?

The capacity of the domestic refrigerator is normally rated in 'Litre'. Litre is actually a unit of volume and it is applicable to the domestic refrigerator while dealing with space/volume to be cooled. Thus, liter capacity actually indicates the volume or space to be cooled by the domestic refrigerator.

On the other hand, the capacity of Air Conditioner (AC) is given by term 'Ton of refrigeration'.

What is one Ton refrigeration?

What will be the change in room temperature if door of refrigerator kept open?

What will be the change in room temperature if door of refrigerator kept open? This question is often asked at mechanical engineering job interview and also in engineering examination.

Ans: NO, Rather, temperature of the room will increase over the time, not instantly.


To understand this, let us first understand the working of domestic refrigerator. It contains four different equipment namely compressor, condenser, capillary tube and evaporator and it also has refrigerant or working fluid/medium which continuously circulating through all these four different equipment to enable heat transfer and thus cooling. The refrigerant while passing through different parts, changes phase and this enable cooling in domestic refrigerator.

Tips to avoid common errors or mistakes in technical papers or writing

In current technological era, everything get done by machine and related technology. Each needs research and development. So, to convey the information or findings one need to write technical report, paper or writings. Most of the times, technical reports are full of quality but they contain common errors which might change the meaning or may cause rejection of technical papers also.  So, read the following tips to know what are the common errors and its solutions.

Numeric numbers:
Technical writings are full of numbers and data. Normally integers or numbers less than ten are written in words. Say to convey '2 components, one should write 'two components'. Numbers greater than ten and fractional numbers can be written in digits like 11, 12.4 etc.

Take care of 'a, an, the':
Always remember than 'a' & 'an' can be used when we talk about indefinite things while 'the' can be used while talking about 'definite' things. 

Why compression ratio of petrol engine is kept low compared to diesel engine?

What is the need of high compression ratio? 

Today every machine is expected to give higher efficiency. When we talk about petrol engine and diesel engine whose thermal efficiency is directly related to 'compression ratio'. That means if we want to achieve higher thermal performance in terms of efficiency, we should provide high compression ratio for both the engine.

Quiz-2 Objective questions in mechanical engineering: Heat transfer

Get ready for the quiz on 'Heat Transfer' subject and check your knowledge by appearing for the test given below. By the end of the quiz, you will get your score out of 10 as well as answer keys. So, get ready to check your knowledge in basics of thermodynamics.

You need to enter Your Name & Passcode which is mechanicalduniya to enter into the quiz interface.

The quiz is based on following topics of Heat transfer

Reference books for Mechanical Engineering subjects

Subject Name: Machine Design

  1. Standard Handbook of Machine Design by Joseph E. Shigley
  2. Design of Machine Elements by Bhandari
  3. Machine Design by R. S. Khurmi
  4. Machine design: an integrated approach by Robert L. Norton
  5. Theory & Propblems of Machne Design By S.G Kulkarni
  6. Machine Design by Sadhu Singh
  7. Machine Design by Sharma & Agarwal
Subject Name: Theory of Machine

  1.  Theory of Machines by S S Rattan
  2.  Theory of Machines by R S Khurmi
  3.  A textbook of theory of machines by  J. S. Brar and R K Bansal
Fluid Mechanics Reference Books
  • Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. White
  • Advanced Engineering Fluid Mechanics by K Murlidhar
  • Fluid Mechanics by R. K. Bansal
  • Fluid Mechanics by Yunus A. Cengel 
Heat and Mass Transfer Reference Books