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Thursday, October 26, 2017

M.E. or M. Tech. dissertation topics for Manufacturing specialization

  • Study of flushing methods in EDM
  • Experimental investigation of mechanical properties of aluminum alloy welds made by the friction stir welding process
  • Study of tribological parameters in a multi-cylinder engine
  • Integration of CAD/CAM for spur gears
  • Incremental forming
  • Optimization of process parameters of the ECM
  • Dry sliding wear and friction characteristics of Al alloy
  • Tribological study on vertical multi-effect distribution plant at CSMCRI plant Bhavnagar
  • Study of automobile lubricants
  • Investigations on fuzzy EDM
  • Calibration and ranking of lubricants on four ball test rig
  • Investigation of tail end welded blank
  • FEA in metal forming
  • Simulation of different kinds of the welding process
  • Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of weldments produced by friction stir welding process for dissimilar work materials
  • Study of tribological parameters on automotive engine
  • Mg-based metal matrix composite by powder metallurgy route
  • Effect of minor alloying elements on inside composites
  • Optimization of tool path or machining process
  • Manufacturing optimization using advanced optimization techniques
  • Investigation of sheet metal deep drawing process

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