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Sunday, October 29, 2017

M.E. or M. Tech. dissertation topics for Thermal specialization

  • Influence of operating parameters on performance and emissions of engine using ethanol
  • Energy efficiency in industrial utilities
  • Efficiency improvement in pump used for saltwater conversion into potable water 
  • Alternative fuel IC engine, modification for ethanol
  • Cavitation in engine cooling fuel due to piston-cylinder assembly forces
  • Development of traveling wave thermoacoustic engine
  • Investigations on pulse tube cryocooler
  • Numerical and experimental investigation on backward swirl can type combuster
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Numerical and experimental studies on optimization of flow passages in centrifugal fans
  • Numerical investigation on solid-liquid interface using fluent
  • Design, development and CFD analysis of annular type combustion chamber
  • CFD analysis of thermoacoustic prime mover
  • Turbulence analysis using HWA
  • Experimental investigation of pump running as turbine
  • Use of solar thermal for thermoacoustic engine
  • Design and fabrication of vapor compression system
  • Design, development and CFD analysis of micro combustion chamber
  • Exergy analysis and performance improvement of cement power plant study 
  • Two-phase flow in mini channel
  • Design and development of solar assisted electric cart for farmers and villagers
  • Analysis of heat transfer augmentation in nanofluids
  • Design, development and CFD analysis of low-cost solar cooker
  • Multi-stage VCR
  • Experimental investigation of natural convection using fin
  • Draft tube surging
  • Study of impeller design parameters
  • Evolution of high lift aerofoil sections
  • Experimental investigation of centrifugal pump in reverse as regular mode
  • CFD analysis of work engine compartment cooling
  • Numerical and experimental investigation on forward swirl can type combuster
  • Cooling in ‘C’ for vortex dynamics
  • Studies on high-pressure ratio axial compressor blade profiles
  • Numerical analysis of centrifugal blower
  • Energy and exergy analysis of energy economic analysis of charcoal-based thermal power plant
  • CFD study of boiling phenomenon in mini and microchannel with water and ethanol fluids
  • Heat analysis of bearing
  • Thermal modeling of metal cutting
  • Development of optical and capacitance probe for void fraction measurement in two-phase flow
  • Investigations of thermoacoustics refrigerator
  • CFD analysis and performance evaluation of concentric tube in tube heat exchanger
  • Fatigue life evaluation of a different kind of skirt configuration for coke drum
  • Comodelingmodelling of ic engine running on gaseous analysis
  • Development of canned cycle

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