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Monday, October 30, 2017

M.E. or M. Tech. dissertation topics for Design specialization

This article gives dissertation topics for machine design specialization in masters of engineering or master of technology.

  • Mechanical design optimization using advanced techniques
  • Shape optimization of engineering product using FEM
  • Vibration and fatigue analysis
  • Vibration analysis of turbomachines components
  • Vibration analysis of rotor and rotating component
  • Fatigue and failure analysis of turbine blade
  • Vibration analysis of hydro turbine test rig
  • Limit load estimations of pressure vessels
  • Failure analysis of RR spindle of strip mill
  • Pressure vessel design using FRP material and its failure analysis
  • Tool geometry optimization
  • Development of butterfly fixture and its analysis during testing
  • Performance analysis of cartridge bearing used in railway
  • FEM application on some mechanical component
  • Performance analysis of hybrid bearing
  • Force modeling in 3d turning

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