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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why overall efficiency of thermal power plant is very low?

Are you wondering why the overall efficiency of thermal power plant is very low? Reason?

The major part of the electricity that world is producing nowadays comes from Thermal Power Plant (which works on Rankine Cycle or Modified Rankine Cycle).

The principal parts of the Thermal Power Plants are

  • Boiler (to generate steam from water)
  • Turbine (where the steam expands and produces the work in form of rotation of shaft which in turn rotate the generator)
  • Condenser (where major part of heat is rejected to convert steam into water for reuse)
  • Feed Pump (to pump back the feed water to boiler for steam conversion) 
All parts except the condenser have 80 % to 90 % efficiency. The only condenser has 50% efficiency. 

Overall Efficiency: Multiplication of all efficiency of plant's principal parts
Thus overall efficiency comes down to 30 % - 40 %

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