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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Automobile project topics for final year mechanical engineering

Normally final year project aims at developing something new and which might serve the society with betterment. One can also choose automobile as one of the option in mechanical engineering. One can do the theoretical analysis, innovative design and changes in existing system of automobile. 

Following list of topics can be useful to them.

  • Innovative Six stroke I C Engine
  • Performance evaluation of existing four stroke bike or scooter
  • Thermal performance evaluation of radiator of an automobile
  • Design and structural analysis of gearbox for four stroke bike/car/bus
  • Improvement in conventional design of I C engine
  • Silencer modification
  • Improvement in carburetor 
  • Effects of various additive in fuel on performance of I C engine
  • Design and analysis of Chassis of car
  • Design and analysis of Brake 
  • Design and analysis of Clutch
  • Design and analysis of Suspension system
  • Design of automatic transmission system
  • Improvement in design of automobile air conditioning system
  • Structural and aerodynamic analysis of sports bike/car
  • Performance evaluation of regenerative braking system
  • Use of composite material in automobile parts or body
All above topics seems very simple in list but one need to go through existing conditions and research level till date. To do this, one should carry out literature review about each parts you are choosing as project topics. Find out the chances of improvement and carry out analysis to improve it.

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