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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Objective questions in mechanical engineering (Manufacturing) for competitive exams

Choose the correct answer:

1. In a tool steel the percentage of silicon is usually restricted to 
(A) 0.5 % 
(B) 1 %
(C) 0.2 %
(D) 2 %

2.  In Grey Cast Iron, free graphite is in form of 
(A) Crystals
(B) Needles
(C) Flakes
(D) Nodules

3. The depth of hardening is affected by
(A) Size of specimen
(B) Hardenability
(C) Quenching medium
(D) All of the above

4. If the structure of a sample consists of pearlite, cementite and free carbon, the specimen may be
(A) Alloy steel
(B) Cast Iron
(C) Dead mild steel
(D) Eutectoid steel

5. A Flapper nozzle is used in
(A) Electronic controller
(B) Hydraulic controller
(C) Pneumatic controller
(D) All of the above

6. A Pirani gauge is used to measure
(A) Pressure upto 10 kg per square centimeter
(B) Pressure upto 100 kg per square centimeter
(C) Very low pressure
(D) All pressures

7. A hot wire anemometer is a variable 
(A) Inductance transducer
(B) Resistance transducer
(C) Capacitance transducer
(D) Frequency transducer

8. The draft allowance to be provided on a pattern depends on 
(A) The length of the vertical side of the pattern to be extruded
(B) The intricacy of the pattern
(C) The method of moulding
(D) All of the above

9. The amount of coal dust added to moulding sand depends on 
(A) Shape of the casting
(B) Thickness of the casting
(C) Temperature of pouring
(D) None of the above

10. Shell moulding is a process in which 
(A) A thin shell is cast in sand mould
(B) A strong core is prepared
(C) A mould comprising thin shell is produced by mixing dry silica and resin binder
(D) None of the above

11. A fly cutter is used on 

(A) Lathe
(B) Shaper
(C) Milling machine
(D) Slotter

12. If a cutting tool is designated as 0-10-6-6-8-75-1,
the side cutting edge angle of the tool in degree will be
(A) 10
(B) 8
(C) 6
(D) 75

13. Shear angle varies with
(A) Work piece materials and tool geometry
(B) Depth of cut
(C) Feed
(D) Cutting speed

14. Suitable change wheels for cutting 17 T.P.I on 4 T.P.I lead screw lathe are
(A) 10 and 65
(B) 15 and 85
(C) 20 and 85
(D) 30 and 105

15. For joining thin foils, the suitable process will be 
(A) Gas welding
(B) MIG welding
(C) Plasma Arc welding
(D) Thermit welding

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