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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Important interview questions about mechanical engineering - Thermodynamics

Normally any interviewer tries to check whether a candidate is suitable for present job or not. Based on the type of job or job profile, interview asks basic questions from different subjects. If student has grasped the engineering syllabus or course from basic concepts point of view, he/she must be able to answer the following questions. Read the following interview questions about 'thermodynamics' subject. These questions might be helpful in GATE examination too.

Part-1: Important interview questions about mechanical engineering - Thermodynamics 

1. When a real gas behaves like ideal gas?

Ans: A real gas behaves like an ideal gas in low pressure and high temperature conditions.

2. What is the significance of entropy?

Ans: As per the second law of thermodynamics, any heat input to the system (Heat engine) cannot be converted completely into useful work. Some energy is lost and that is called 'unavailable work'. The amount of unavailable work increases as the entropy increases.

3. What is the difference between heat transfer and thermodynamics?

Ans: Heat transfer deals with the energy analysis which in transition and and depends on the modes of heat transfer like conduction, convection and radiation or combination of any modes. Heat transfer deals in non equilibrium domain and conditions while thermodynamics deals with study of system at equilibrium and does not depend on how heat transfer is calculated.

4. At which temperature thermal radiation can become zero? 

Ans: Not possible. Because thermal radiation becomes only zero at absolute zero temperature which can never be attained by the third law of thermodynamics.

5. Why Specific heat at constant pressure is greater than Specific heat at constant volume?
6. What is the significance of compressibility factor?
7. What is dead state in thermodynamics?
8. Which thermodynamics law is first discovered? 

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For Answers: Wait for Part-2 Important interview questions about mechanical engineering - Thermodynamics 

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