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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering

The knowledge of different software in mechanical engineering is a great quality and can be helpful to get required things done easily. Because software is tool which can be used by an engineer to express the technical stuffs via calculations.

Below are the important and essential software which should be learned during bachelor course in mechanical engineering. It might possible that some well-known software might not be in the list but can be learned very easily if you know the following software which is basics.

1. AutoCAD ( A basic CAD software for design and drafting purpose)
2. Pro/Engineer ( A complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)
3. C Language (A programming language)
4. ANSYS ( An analysis or simulation software)

AutoCAD and its Capabilities 
AutoCAD is a drafting software which involves drawing of 2D objects as well as modeling of 3D items.

Importance of AutoCAD

Being a Mechanical student, one need to do final year project. It involves experimental/fabrication work or theoretical analysis. To undertake any project, one need to use at least one software or more.

For experimental work, the components of parts should be fabricated with required dimensions. So, 2D or 3D drawing/models are required to be prepared in AutoCAD or in other drafting software. After creation of the drawing, printout/drawing sheet of it must be given to fabricator who will create the component in physical form.

This procedure is same as performed in any design and manufacturing industries. The design department sends drawing to manufacturing department and manufacturer prepares mechanical component or system based on it. Thus, one should know how to draw, analyze and prepare drawings in AutoCAD. 

Pro Engineer 

 Pro/Engineer is a complete Mechanical package of drawing, modelling and analysis. Pro/Engineer's design package includes 2D drawing, 3D models and assembly. Pro/Engineer also does functions like 2D CAD, 3D CAD, customization, Data exchange like IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) and other formats, Dynamics publishing, engineering calculations, Visualization and mock up etc.

C Programming Language 

Being a mechanical student, there is a great importance of C language because when you learn computational subjects, you need to use C programming to do the calculations for solution by numerical methods and most methods in computations are iterative as well as trial and error one. So, in programming by C, one can use loops, decision making, functions, arrays and file management to serve the purpose of solution of the numerical methods used for given problem's physics. There are plenty of programming languages are available but C is one of best among them. If you use MATLAB, it will require more memory but less skills, FORTRAN is also competitive to C but if you know C language, there is no need to learn other programming and if it is required to learn, you can learn easily as all programming languages are quite similar.

ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Method (FEA) is one of the numerical methods in science that mostly deal with finding approximate numerical solutions of problems like structural, fluid, thermal or fluid structure interface(FSI). Normally, for thermal and fluid problem, software package like FLUENT and GAMBIT are popular. But latest version of ANSYS includes FLUENT too. 

Hence, without use of software, it is I think almost impossible to work or research in Mechanical Engineering. So, If you are early years of your study in graduation in Mechanical, you need to learn these software as soon as possible because nothing will be of no use, each and every things you do, will work for you some day. 


  1. what is the importance of having certificates ???I have no certificates ,,bt I know few softwares ,,will company demand for certificates ???

  2. Preference is given to those having certificate but you can convince during interview if you do not have.

  3. Hi i am working in project , i wish to change my career in software . is it possible ?

    1. Yes Career change is possible. First you need to have sufficient knowledge of the software you will be working with. Try to get new opportunity related to that software. You can even enrol your name with registered consultancies which notifies when new job in that software field is available.

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  5. I also think that this would be the best one Software of mechanical engineer


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