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Monday, April 16, 2012

Importance of Thermal Engineering (A Specialization In Mechanical Engineering )

This article deals with some important views of thermal engineering in Mechanical engineering point of view. As there are many specialization in Mechanical Engineering like
  • Machine Design
  • Thermal Engineering 
  • Manufacturing
These above three specialization makes Mechanical Engineering, an evergreen branch of engineering. 

Machine Design: 

It develops product from an idea. It deals with improvement, creation and development of existing system from its working and conceptual level for design of a stuff in daily life. e.g. design of internal engine for an automobile, design of cantilever beam or machine element, each and every thing which is part of any complex engineering system always passes through design process. 


Based on design data and its output one can makes that idea into product by manufacturing with proper specifications given based on design output and making use of engineering materials, one can complete a product. Manufacturing involves many fabrication and joining processes. 

Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering involves design, development and analysis of any thermal or any fluid flow problem. E.g. cooling of microprocessor by CPU fan, Cooling of foods by refrigeration, heat transfer in furnace and etc.

Hence, Thermal Engineering is wide area with following subjects as its components.

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Heat and mass transfer
  3. Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  4. Fluid Mechanics

Each and every subject has a particular role in thermal analysis.

Areas which involves use of all these subjects in analysis, are

  • Design of heat exchanger like condenser/evaporator
  • Design of domestic refrigerator
  • Design of furnace
  • Design of air conditioner
  • Design of boiler

So, one need to have knowledge of all above four specialization subjects.


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