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Bourbon type pressure gauge - Mechanical Engineering video

This is one of the simple form of pressure measurement which is of analog type. It consists of a tube connected with source whose pressure is to be measured. Second blind end of tube is connected with rack-pinion arrangement which is again connected with pointer. As the pressure changes in source, corresponding deflections is seen on rack and pinion arrangement corresponding to the change of pressure. This is equally see on pointer. 


Mechanical Engineering Videos : Anemometer for air velocity measurement

This video shows how anemometer measures the air velocity. This anemometer is of analog meter which gives total linear distance that rotor moves during prescribed amount of time. One need to see the pointer movement and has to record the time. The division of linear movement of air and time gives average velocity of air. 

Heat and mass transfer - NPTEL Video lectures from Dr. S P Sukhatme

In every mechanical engineering curriculum, heat and mass transfer is an important subject for each student of mechanical engineering. As a mechanical engineer, one should be familiar with following basic subjects:

1. Solid Mechanics (Engineering Mechanics + Strength of Materials)
2. Fluid Mechanics
3. Thermodynamics
4. Heat and mass transfer
5. Machine dynamics and kinematics

One should be very clear in all those subjects to know other subject very well.

In classroom, every faculty/teacher tries hard to explain every details but it depends on faculty to faculty. To get and share knowledge from IIT professor, MHRD started NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) which records and provides all subject's video lectures from different IIT professors,

Here, I am presenting with you such video lecture series, i.e. 'Heat and mass transfer' by Dr. S P Sukhatme from IIT Bombay.

Heat and Mass Transfer Video Lectures