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List of different seminar topics in mechanical engineering - Cryogenics

Followings are the different seminar topics in mechanical engineering which are mainly related to cryogenics. Cryogenics is a branch of science/engineering which deals with production of very low temperature below -150 degree C ( or 123 K). These topics are associated with production, storage and maintenance related to cryogenics engineering.

  • Cryogenics insulation
  • Vacuum as cryogenics insulation
  • Liquefaction of permanent gases
  • Applications of cryogenics
  • Medical application of cryogenics
  • Physics applications of cryogenic
  • Space applications of cryogenics
  • Cryocoolers and its types
  • Stirling cryocoolers
  • GM cryocooler
  • Pulse tube cryocoolers
  • Instrumentation and Measurement in cryogenics
  • Storage and transportation in cryogenics
To start with any of the above seminar topic, one need to first give its introduction, methodology or description and construction, working procedure, observation or specifications of different parameters and applications if any.

Importance of 'Seminar' in Mechanical Engineering

Every engineering curriculum whether it is Bachelor of engineering or master of engineering, it always contains a subject called 'Seminar'. Seminar meaning focus of subject on one particular thing or stuff. It requires hard efforts to bring your topic to a conclusion of why you choose so and so seminar topic.

Seminar helps you in many ways,
1. It gives you an opportunity to deal with technical report writing before you do any special projects in Engineering.

Seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering Part-3

Total 30 Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering are given in Part-1 and Part-2

Here is a list of another 15 Mechanical Engineering seminar topics.
  1.        Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)
  2.        CIM and open architecture system Architecture
  3.        Recent trends in manufacturing

Seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering Part-2

In Seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering, You have note 15 different seminar topics. Here is the other 15 topics of seminars in Mechanical Engineering.
  1. Finite element analysis/method
  2. Finite volume analysis/method
  3. Finite different analysis/method
  4. E-learning and mechanical engineerin
  5. Optimization of thermal systems
  6. Optimization of mechanical designs

Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering

Below there is list of some probable seminar topics in Mechanical Engineering which can be implemented/presented as academics interest.

Cooling of electronic equipment
  1. Responsive manufacturing
  2. Advances in Finite element methods
  3. Finite element analysis and identification in rotor-bearing system
  4. Modern design practice in mechanical engineering
  5. Melt treatment in foundries