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Monday, January 6, 2014

GATE Mechanical Engineering Preparation and free study material

Normally GATE exam consists of those questions which are mostly related to research done at Master Level i.e. M.Tech or M. E. level. So, It is very necessary to get ready for preparation of those subjects on which complete M. Tech or M. E. is based. In case of Mechanical Engineering, One should prepare the following most important subjects.

1. Mechanics of Solids or (Engineering Mechanics + Strength of Materials)

2. Thermal engineering which includes Fluid Mechanics which is most important subject for thermal engineering specialization in M. Tech or M. E. Second is thermodynamics, Heat and mass transfer and Refrigeration and Air conditioning.

3. Theory of Machines or Dynamics of Machines.

4. Machine Design

5. Manufacturing Engineering

So, you cannot miss the important subjects in GATE mechanical preparation. You need to look for basic concepts while preparing for the GATE. Next year, i.e. GATE 2014 will be changed entirely based on its new exam pattern. It will consists of prelims and mains as examination pattern. This might be implemented next year. i.e. 2014 to improve the quality of engineering at master level. You can refer to the Old question papers asked during last GATE exams.