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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to choose Final Year Projects Topics in Mechanical Engineering

Project sometimes decide student's specialization area in higher study or job. Project gives student to work in group, so one can learn how to lead the team, learn what is team work and what is the importance of collective efforts in any problem or project. You will get a chance to revise your complete syllabus during the project work and this will help in your GATE examinations. Learn more about New GATE examination pattern in GATE 2014

We frequently stuck and do not know what should be the project topic and how it will be helpful in future. 

One need to choose the project topic based on the 

Personal interest in subject: You cannot do well in your project work if you are not enjoying it and one can only enjoy the work when he/she has interest in it. So, carefully decide the area of your project work i.e. 

  • Machine Design (Involves design of machine elements) 
  • Thermal Engineering (Involves thermal interactions between systems) 
  • Manufacturing Science (Involves manufacturing machine elements) 
  • Other (Includes Industrial engineering stuffs) 

You can cultivate interest in a particular field provided you are serious about it otherwise you have to suffer and ready to accept the results.

Availability of resources: You need to make sure about what is available with you or with your college/department and what is to be needed for your project work. What are the software skills, material needed? Have a habit of reading books related to your subject area. Read technical books to sharpen your basics to get help in project work. Download the free books here.

Costing during project fabrication or preparation: One of the most important factor in doing project is money. If you do not have sufficient fund, you need to compromise ith the work and with its quality. Meet with your college authorities about the costing and find the way to tackle it. Also fabrication work involves use of software like AutoCAD, ProEngineer or any other 2D/3D modeling software. You also need to learn important software used by Mechanical engineers.

Guide or Supervisor: This is one of the most important point while doing project because you will be given right path by your guide, he/she will direct you to what is right and what not to do based on their experience. Have positive and friendly relation with your guide and that does not mean you can treat him/her like friends. Maintain the distance and give respect to them.